Pound It Out

Ever feel so stressed you want to punch something?  We did just that in my class yesterday.  Testing season is upon us, which means that things are a little more stressed than usual at school.  I’m scrambling to get huge portfolios of work assembled for each of my students for their VAAP (Virginia Alternate Assessment Program).  I realized yesterday that we were in need of a much deserved fun break and knew what to do.

Enter the famous ‘dirt’ recipe!  Do you remember it?  Only 4 ingredients: pudding mix, milk, oreos, and gummy worms.  Ok, 100% not Paleo, but fun for kids.   I did end up eating a gummy worm, woops.  Our favorite part by far of assembling the treat was crushing the cookies by pounding it out.

smash it!

cup o’ dirt ready to eat

My students got a kick out of this sweet spring treat.