sweet ‘n’ spicy snackin’

Beef jerky is kind of like candy, or should I say crack, in our place.  It’s an easy, delicious, go-to paleo snack that has become a staple of my weekly shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.  I have to admit that I don’t think there’s been a single trip where I’ve made it out of the parking lot before digging into a fresh pack of jerky.  Woops.  I actually try to not eat toooo much of it because it does contain a lot of sugar.  However, I’m comforted in knowing that Trader Joe’s jerkys are made with all-natural ingredients and no scary chemical preservatives.  Ingredients: beef, sugar, water, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt, flavorings, paprika, natural smoke flavoring.  That’s all!

Yesterday as I was browsing the jerky selection something other than the usual original beef or turkey jerky caught my eye.  I blame it on the bright orange package.

Sweet ‘n’ spicy buffalo jerky

I was extra excited to get to the car to rip open this new guy and give him a try.  Pretty darn good!  There was a definite spicy kick to the buffalo jerky, which I really liked.  Also on the positive side, although the label says ‘sweet’ there was no more sugar than the other varieties.  I think I’ll add this in to the jerky purchases some weeks, but original beef still has my heart.  And stomach.

I threw this in my bag along with some sliced orange bell pepper strips and a carrot for morning snacktime….quite the orange-themed snack!  I’m off to finish some planning for tomorrow and compiling my updated to-do list for the rest of the afternoon/evening.


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