Nike Free Run+

I’ve been meaning to write about my awesome new shoes for a couple of days now…finally getting around  to it.

When I started crossfitting (yes, it’s a verb, just like googling), I was coming into the gym in my normal running shoes, Brooks Glycerin 8s.  I love these shoes for running and they provide a great amount of support and cushioning for me.  However, I quickly realized that they weren’t great for Olympic weight lifting.  A lot of movements in crossfit require you to place all your weight on your heels or use your whole foot to push into the ground.  This is basically impossible in super-cushioned, inclined soles in running shoes.  I noticed several people in the gym wearing old school Chuck Taylors, so I snagged myself a pair of these at Marshall’s soon after.  They are great for weight lifting because of the completely flat sole that doesn’t have a lot of squishiness.  It felt pretty fun showing up at the gym in bright pink Chucks.  Sadly my love affair with them began to wane when I developed bad pain in my shins (beginnings of shin splints?) from doing too many wods with jumping rope and box jumps in them.

I needed a new pair of shoes.  I headed to DSW, one of my favorite places to look for good shoes at cheap prices, and came home with these…

Nike Free Run+

I’ve had these for about 2 weeks and am really liking them so far.  The Nike website says the Free Run+ “was created for those who love the feel of barefoot running, yet need the cushioning, traction, and protection of a shoe”.  They are a good shoe for wods that transition between Oly movemevents and running/box jumps/jump roping/etc.  They provide enough cushioning that my shins don’t hurt, yet the sole is thin enough that I can still lift weights in them.  I also love how the shoe’s ‘bootie’ is one continuous piece of strechy mesh.

These are my go-to shoes for now.  Someday, I’m still hoping to buy myself a real pair of weight lifting shoes like these beautiful Do-wins.   🙂   One day…


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