Inagural Patriot CF WOD

I’ve been going to Potomac Crossfit since May 2010 and absolutely love it.  If you’ve ever hung out with me, it’s safe to say that I’ve probably mentioned it at some point.  The gym, or ‘box’ in crossfit lingo, is a small no-frills space near the Clarendon metro.  The clientele is more of a community that’s grown to around 300 people!  Dan and Brian, the owners of PCF, have been working on opening a second gym for several months.  We’ve all anxiously awaited the grand opening and it’s finally here!  The gym’s actual first day was last Saturday to host the NoVa Open for the Crossfit Games.  We went to watch the events for a bit and were stunned at the space!  I couldn’t wait to get in there for a workout.

Last night was the night!  I went to the 6:30 wod at Patriot Crossfit and had a great time.  I’m not going to lie, it felt a little weird to not be practically touching someone else on the crowded floor as we did hip raises in warmups.  Or to have my own set of rings and an open space next to me.  I’m a social person, so I didn’t mind the ‘lots of people’ aspect of PCF.  🙂  However, it was nice to have lots of space, equipment, attention from coaches, etc. last night.  There were only about 10 people in the class…crazy!

The wod for the night:

“Power Badger”

4 Rounds:

15 Power Cleans (135/95)                                                                                                                  15 Ring Rows (no bands at Patriot yet)
400m Run

This turned out a lot better than I was expecting.  There’s a giant mental battle going on between me and cleans.  I completely psych myself out and then am unable to do them.  Last night I felt a little better about them because I sustained 70# the whole time and didn’t flub them up at all.  Ring rows always sound way easier than they are going to be!  I finished in 21:15…not too bad!  Good first wod at a great new gym!  My big conundrum now: we all refer to Potomac Crossfit as PCF, but what are we to do now with Patriot Crossfit?  PCF1 and PCF2? PoCF and PaCF?  What a terrible problem.  🙂

Here’s one of my gym buddies, Megan, and I hanging around after the wod.  Crappy shot from a phone.  Ignore the sweat and redness, notice the wide open space…and garage door that opens!

Finally, something too amazing to not post- an ode to Patriot Crossfit.                     Shared by Megan, written by Raff.

My crossfit tis of thee,
Sweet gym of libertyyy,
Of thee I sing;
Land of the kettle bell,
And of the muscle swell,
Let kippers swing!


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