wakey wakey…

eggs and bakey!  I’ve never been one to skip breakfast, I just don’t understand how people do it.  However, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with different concoctions of things to eat for my first meal of the day.  There’s been oatmeal, yogurt with add-ins, cold cereal, some sort of toasted bread with peanut butter, smoothies, and on and on.

I 100% used to be of the mindset that breakfast need to be sweet and starchy.  When I started eating paleo, changing this meal was the hardest to wrap my brain around.  Eating eggs, meats, vegetables, or any sort of ‘non-breakfast’ food seemed so crazy to me.  I started the switch and am now a complete convert.  During the work week, I have the same breakfast, and no, it doesn’t get old.  In fact, I look forward to it each day!

I’ve got the routine down pat now and it only takes me about 15 min to assemble from start to finish.  The ingredients for breakfast:

I sautee some frozen chopped spinach, half a diced tomato, and some minced onion in olive oil.  Then I add 2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites and scramble it all up.

I add two microwaved Trader Joe’s chicken breakfast sausage links (glamorous, I know) and pack it all up in a tupperware (again, glamorous) to take to school.  I quickly reheat at school and enjoy during my planning period.

The finished product- not incredibly beautiful, but tastes delicious!


One response to “wakey wakey…

  1. I always wondered what exactly went into that bowl of yours! I’m hooked on barley and oats for breakfast right now, but thinking as the weather gets warmer I’ll be switching to smoothies and more egg dishes.

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