Checking Things Off

Woops, I seemed to have hopped off the blogging train over the weekend.  It was an accident, I didn’t mean to.  The good news is, I’m back in action…or is that good news?  🙂

Do you ever wake up and feel like the day ahead has the potential to be incredibly hectic/disastrous?  I’m sure everyone gets these feelings, but I think teachers do even more so.  A big part of it has to do with our students being gone over the weekend.  Especially for my students who, because of their high level of needs, thrive off of routine and really get used to the structure of my classroom.  Being gone for 2 days over the weekend sometimes seems like months when they arrive Monday morning.  So, I had that going for me; not to mention the fluke 7am thunderstorm this morning accompanied by huge hail, the first day of spring, the aftermath of me being absent on Friday, the looming deadline for state assessment portfolios, and an infestation of dead bugs falling from the ceiling in my classroom.  Funday Monday?!

I was determined not to let everything get the best of me.  It’s these kinds of days I need to be most organized and planned out.  I’ve tried online Google calendars, the digital Post-It notes, different organization websites, apps on my iPhone, etc.  However, I keep going back to one tried and true method.  The standard Day-Runner calendar with old fashioned to-do lists on sticky notes.

I love the fact that I can carry this around with me anywhere- in my car, to meetings, to other classrooms, etc.  I use an online calendar, too, but I just can’t give up the classic.  Also, there is absolutely no way I can live without daily to-do lists if I want to stay sane.  ‘Me time’ and quiet time comes as incredibly brief moments when you’re a teacher.  If I suddenly have 20 minutes of time without children, I need to be ready to know what to tackle.  And, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than checking things off as I finish each of them.

I’m guilty of taking the to-do list to the next level of nerdiness…I usually make on for the daytime and one for the evening.

I started with one big to-do list today, but I can’t handle having impossible tasks staring at me throughout the day (there was no way I was picking up my dry cleaning or returning a movie while I was at school).  So, I resorted to my usual separate lists and all was well.  I did quite well on the daytime list…let’s hope the evening bodes the same!

Happy first day of spring (and Monday) to you all!


One response to “Checking Things Off

  1. hilarious! I just found my old daytimer…need to see about a refill for that guy

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